Atkins, Lori-MD

Texas Health Care
1250 8th Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76104
Phone: 817/924-2111

Dr. Atkins has helped me safely deliver two babies into this world and helped me navigate the scary world of miscarriage in between those two pregnancies. As someone who tends to worry unnecessarily and overthink situation, Dr. Atkins listened to my worries, fears, and concerns and was able to put me at ease.     Her skill in monitoring a complicated pregnancy is excellent. Atkins monitored me very carefully and then recommened I be induced. My baby was born safely and healthy at 35 weeks.
-Brooke, Bedford

Dr Lori Atkins puts patient health and safety above all else. She basically saved my baby and I.
-Jeanette, Fort Worth

She was so knowledgeable after I had had multiple miscarriages with a different doctor.  She found a plan that worked for me and I now have a 2 year old thanks to God and Dr. Atkins.
-Erin, Arlington

Cares and listen to your needs. She is willing to take you in if she feels if it is an emergency, etc. I like how convenient the hours are and the location is within reach.
-Cassandra, Fort Worth

I've seen this provider for over 15 years she's known me since I was a lot younger and she is absolutely the best there is!  She's delivered all of my babies so I know I can put my life in her hands and trust that she has everything under control even when it gets crazy.   Not only has she worked tremendously hard through the years but so has her staff.  She's treated them just as well, you can tell they enjoy being apart of her team.  If anyone needs her care I highly recommend it.
-Crystal, Fort Worth


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