Bain, Deborah MD

Healthy Kids Pediatrics
Frisco, TX

Reader Comments

I switched over to Dr. Bain from another pediatrician largely because of the kind of care I wanted to be under. I really value what Dr. Bain focuses on in her practice which is to treat children in a holistic and natural well. I have learned over time that many of the issues kids face today could be easily avoided and changed through simple and natural remedies.   The office staff is great and I have never had an issue with hours.
-Danielle, Dallas

Dr. Bain is extremely knowledgeable and very in depth. She’s like no other pediatrician I’ve ever seen.  She’s quick to find the underlying issue and not just mask over a problem with prescription medicines. She’s very in touch with statistics, studies, etc on topics such as gut health, autism, mthfr etc.
-Natalie, Lewisville

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Schulenburg, Julia BSN, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S

Center For Holistic Healing
Dallas, TX

Reader Comments

Dr. Julia Schulenburg treats and cares for each of her patients in an exceptional way. She treats the whole patient and also takes into consideration past health history and relationships within the family to resolve present health issues. She uses specialized treatment unlike any regular doctor to treat medical conditions and provides specialized treatments in her office as well as high quality supplements as necessary. She also provides spiritual counseling and prayer as well.
-Cheryl, Mesquite

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