Display Advertising
Would you like reach your target market directly — over 250,000 local parents? Put your dollars to work in our award winning, locally owned and locally driven parenting publications. Our staff will be happy to show you the many benefits of advertising in the highly targeted, premier parenting publications of North Texas — CollinChildDallasChild, FortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild magazines.

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Classified Advertising
From childcare options and entertainment, to career opportunities and safety services, our classifieds section works! Place your ad in the most popular section of the magazine. For more information, contact us at:

metro 972/447-9188

Advertising Policy
CollinChild, DallasChild, FortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild magazines reserve the right to refuse any advertising, in whole or in part, without cause or liability. We further reserve the right to discontinue any advertising without liability, if said advertising is found to be unacceptable in any manner, including, but not limited to, violating any applicable law, regulation or other standard relating to our publications (such as standards accepted by Parenting Media Association). CollinChildDallasChildFortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild will not accept advertising, which, in its judgment, reflects unfavorably upon competitive organizations, institutions or merchandise. CollinChildDallasChildFortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild will not accept advertising that, in its judgment, might damage the confidence of its readers or advertisers. CollinChildDallasChild, FortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild assume no liability for the content of the ads accepted for publications.

Sponsorship Opportunities
DFWChild offers a variety of sponsorship and advertising programs designed to help grow your business and strategically position your services and products in the community.

Recently honored with the 2007 and 2011 General Excellence award from PMA (Parenting Media Association and University of Missouri School of Journalism), we are dedicated to North Texas area parents. Our award-winning editorial and design features in-depth stories and important service articles, keeping our readers enlightened and in touch with the resources our city has to offer families.

We strive to involve our readers with experience-oriented events that bring the magazine and resources to life.

Why DFWChild?
Influence. The leading parenting magazines in the North Texas area that parents have trusted for more than 30 years.

Abundance. With a combined distribution of 128,000 magazines in the North Texas area (55,000 in Dallas, 40,000 in Fort Worth and 18,000 in NorthTexas), the magazine is delivered to parents who want to be in the know.

Convenience. CollinChildDallasChild, FortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild magazines can be found in highly visible, upscale locations where parents frequent.  Select Tom Thumb Grocery Stores, select Kroger and Albertsons, Central Markets, schools, doctors offices & more than 1500 area locations in Dallas, more than 600 area locations in Fort Worth and more than 180 locations in Denton County.

Integrity. Circulation Verification Council audits DallasChildFortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild with less than a 5 percent return rate.

Quality. Award-winning editorial and design.

User-Friendly. Quick and easy-to-read articles, daily calendar of events and parenting resources.

Performance. CollinChildDallasChildFortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild outperform the competition in its distribution, editorial, advertisers and reader loyalty.

Results. Our advertisers tell us month after month: CollinChild, DallasChild, FortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild work. It is a targeted and wise advertising medium.

Local Ownership. CollinChild, DallasChildFortWorthChild and NorthTexasChild are locally owned and operated. Our editors understand the pulse of the reader, responding to the needs of each community locally.

Awareness. Through locally produced events and tie-in marketing.


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