• The Meal Plan to Tackle Gestational Diabetes
    Nearly 1 out of every 10 pregnant women has gestational diabetes, a form of diabetes that causes high blood sugar levels during pregnancy.
  • The Placenta Effect
    While the idea of eating the placenta for health benefits has been around for thousands of years in other cultures, itís only in the past decade or so that placenta encapsulation has become more than just a fringe, crunchy practice in the US.
  • Doula Distinctions
    Since doula services are so individualized, there's a large range in the type of help they provide.
  • The Rise of Nitrous Oxide for Labor and Delivery
    Now a few Dallas-Fort Worth hospitals and birthing centers are at the forefront of the gasí U.S. comeback, offering nitrous oxide to laboring moms to ease the pain of labor.
  • The Lowdown on Hypnosis for Birth
    Hypnosis for birth involves deep, self-induced meditation used to negate anxiety, fear, unnecessary outside stimuli and, for many moms, pain.
  • Morning Sickness
    What causes morning sickness? And how can you make it go away? Read these tips from a doctor and a doula for combatting nausea during pregnancy.
  • Mom-to-Be: Brittany Edwards Cobb
    Meet the founder of the Dallas Flea, editor of DailyCandy Dallas and mom of Landry, 18 months and soon-to-be mom of Barrett.
  • Royal-themed Baby Shower
    How to throw a Kate Middleton-worthy baby shower for your new prince or princess.
  • A Midwife Tells All
    Certified nurse-midwife Amy Giles answers our questions on the ancient practice and what being a midwife means to her
  • 9 Ways to Tell Him You're Pregnant
    There are few moments as precious (and nerve-racking) as revealing to your significant other that youíre expecting. Read below for a round-up of our favorite pregnancy reveals as shared by our loyal readers.
  • The Doula Decision
    Online Exclusive: Today, some new parents are turning to doulas for the help they need.
  • Prepping Your Dog for Baby
    Add baby to the family and oftentimes the family dog drops quickly on the priority list or is removed from the household altogether. Before your baby arrives, prepare your dog for the changes ahead.
  • Mom-to-Be: Becky Bowen
    Meet Becky Bowen, ready-to-wear specialist at Christian Dior and soon-to-be mom of twins (a boy and a girl). Becky chats about getting ready for baby and shares her pregnancy must-haves.

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