• 18 Dallas-Fort Worth-Based Businesses Catering to New Moms
    The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to a bevy of businesses focused on helping new moms stay empowered and productive as they attend to every coo and cough.
  • Teach Your Infant a Second Language
    The best time to teach your child a second language is at the same times she's learning the first.
  • Baby Guide: 0–3 Months
    This brand-new bundle is, well, new, and you're still trying to figure out this mommy business. We can make the first three months with baby a little easier with the help of these local experts and services.
  • Baby Guide: 4–6 Months
    You blinked, and suddenly baby’s gotten bigger. Make sure your baby is always in a safe environment, whether at home or with a caregiver, so that both she and you can have some fun exploring the big wide world outside the nursery.
  • Baby Guide: 7–9 Months
    Baby is sort of crawling and kind of eating and still making noises you can’t figure out, but you’re finally getting used to the new normal. Now’s a good time to reclaim some of those things you loved before this chaotic, wonderful life with baby.
  • Baby Guide: 10–12 Months
    Now that he’s nearly a year old (when did that happen?), it’s time to start thinking about other milestones, like the first haircut, the first swimming strokes and of course that very special first birthday party.
  • Family-Friendly Restaurants
    7 places to take baby for good food and a kid-friendly atmosphere.
  • Getting Baby to Sleep
    Tips for helping your new baby – and his parents – get some much-needed rest.
  • The Benefits of Infant Swim
    Get the scoop on infant swim lessons from two local swim instructors – you may be surprised how early your child can start splashing and floating.
  • Normal Infant Crying
    A new program aims to educate frustrated parents about infant crying – because yes, lots of crying is normal, and no, you’re not a bad parent.
  • 9 Food Delivery Services for New Moms
    Whether you need a box of diapers at 2 a.m. or a double-shot mocha with whipped cream at 2 p.m., there’s a delivery service for that.
  • Dallas-area Homemade Baby Food
    It’s a baby’s first step into the world of food, but busy moms don’t always have time to make the fresh food their babies need. Luckily, three Dallas-area moms started their own handmade-baby-food companies.
  • New Mom: Lauren Przybyl
    Meet the FOX 4 GOOD Day co-anchor and new mom of Landry, 5 months.
  • Family: The Hawthornes
    Meet Matt, Mary Emma, Oliver and Greta, an uber-creative family of four.
  • Family: The Ginsbergs
    Meet David and Brynn Ginsberg, a finance director and stay-at-home mom of two kids, Dylan, 3, and Marin, 1. The Ginsbergs chat about life as a family of four and share their parenting must-haves.
  • New Mom: Corinne Martin
    Meet Corinne Martin, designer and marketing guru and mommy to 4-month-old Caroline. Corinne dishes on life as a new mom and shares her top 10 baby must-haves.
  • Guides for Helping Baby Sleep
    Aching for a couple more hours of sleep? Check out our round up of go-to sleep guides.
  • New Parents Prepare for Something Different
  • Look Who's (Not) Squawking Now
    Looking for ways to calm your cranky baby? Read words of wisdom from Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block.
  • Boost Your Baby's Brainpower…With Books
    Parent-child reading helps prepare infants for future learning and can even affect the wiring of the brain.
  • Prepping Your Dog for Baby
    Add baby to the family and oftentimes the family dog drops quickly on the priority list or is removed from the household altogether. Before your baby arrives, prepare your dog for the changes ahead.
  • Springtime Photo Ops
    Take your babies to these local hot spots for wildflowers, scenic views and the photographs you’ll keep forever.
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Destinations for a Mommy and Baby's Day Out
    Visit these DFW-area destinations for stimulating activities that are both adventurous and comfortable, including smelling fragrant flowers and petting animals on dry land and in the water.

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