• Friendly Siblings – What's the Secret?
    There’s no magic wand to wave and make our children stop bickering, but there are some techniques to encourage a friendly relationship.
  • Self-injury in Children
    Studies have revealed a rising trend of self-harm occurring among children. We investigated stories of self-injury in children, including the signs to look for and what you can do about it.
  • Raising an Introvert
    Some 25 percent of Americans are introverts, or innies, and their tendencies emerge early in life. Often confused with shyness – a learned fear of social situations – introversion is a built-in temperament the parents can learn to understand.
  • Defining Defiance
  • Unhealthy Competition
    The way we frame contests and competition, whether it be a Parker Brothers board game, a standardized test or a Little League game, fosters a range of destructive behaviors in our kids. How and why does this happen – and what can we do about it?
  • What To Do When Your Kid Says "&#$%!"
    Why kids curse and how to break the cursing habit – in you and your kids.
  • What To Do When Your Child Says No
    “No” is a favorite word for many a toddler. The good news is this phase is completely normal and healthy – but frustrating. Here are some proactive strategies to forge a path of less resistance.

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