Mommy Diaries: A Day in the Life of Erin Schulz

Erin Schulz
Photo Courtesy of Erin Schulz
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September 14, 2015
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Erin Schulz is a wife, a mother and a nurse. She is the mother to 3–year-old son Maddon and 10-month-old daughter Colbie. Husband Charlie Schulz works for Southwestern Petroleum, while Erin serves as a nurse at Cook Children’s Medical in their Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She is in graduate school for her Master’s in Science of Nursing- Education. The Schulz Family currently lives in Fort Worth.

6:00AM Rise and shine to the sounds of Colbie cooing on the baby monitor; go make her bottle and take advantage of some quiet time before big brother wakes up.

6:30AM Take a quick shower.

6:55AM Exchange a few words with my husband in between chasing Colbie around and trying to get ready for work.

7:15AM Maddon comes downstairs, asking “What school do I have today?” ( he goes to a church pre-school and Fort Worth Zoo School). We talk about what the day has in store for him, while I get him his standard breakfast a Nutri-grain bar and chocolate milk.

7:30AM My mom, (Grammy) arrives at out house and I think to myself how lucky I am to have her keep an eye on my children while I work.

7:40AM Give my mom instructions for the day as I hustle to get Maddon dressed. We bicker for a few minutes about whether or not he needs to go potty before we head off to school.

7:50AM Gather my briefcase, my school bag, my lunch, my purse, my son’s backpack and his lunch, and we hop into the car—hopefully I didn’t forget anything!

8:15AM Arrive at preschool after an entertaining conversation with Maddon—usually involving what he wants to be when he grows up (a “yard-doer-everything man” is his latest aspiration).

8:20AM Get Maddon settled into his class so I can make a quick getaway in order to get to work on time.

8:35AM Get to work, hopefully with enough time to swing by Starbucks for my morning fill of caffeine before teaching a class to a group of young, energetic new nurses that have just arrived at Cooks.

8:50AM Arrive at the classroom and set-up the computer and projector; get out all of the handouts for class.

9:05AM Greet the group of new nurses as they come in chatting to one another. Jump straight into my lecture because we have a lot of content to cover.

10:15AM Get a 15-minute break from class so I check some emails and respond to ones that I can answer in just a few minutes.

NOON Lunch time. I run upstairs to the unit and say “hi” to some of my co-workers, but keep it brief because I only have 20 minutes to eat today. Sit at my desk so I can eat and work—leaving less work to bring home that night. Call my mom to see how Colbie is doing, and ask her to throw the pork tenderloin I thawed the night before into the Crockpot.

12:30PM Back downstairs to the classroom to finish teaching the new nurses all about diabetic ketoacidosis.

2:00PM Wrap up teaching for the day and head to my office to work on my to-do list, respond to emails and return phone calls.

4:20PM Call husband to check in and talk about dinner, and see what is on the agenda for the evening.

6:00PM Pack up my work and call it a day. Head home and pray for no traffic.

6:30PM Greeted at the door by everyone with big smiles, Maddon enthusiastically tells me everything he did at school. Hugs for both kids, and then I quickly change out of my work clothes that involve high heels on the days that I teach.

6:45PM Say “bye” to Grammy and get dinner on the table so we have time for our evening walk.

7:30PM Take a walk around the neighborhood or ride bikes in the cul-de-sac.

8:15PM Everyone heads upstairs for a bath, which my husband does so I can clean up from dinner and prepare for the next day.

8:30PM Bedtime with Colbie first which I do, while Maddon gets to play with Daddy for a bit if he cooperates while getting ready for bed (brushing teeth is a battle at our house!).

9:00PM Bedtime with Maddon which involves Maddon, my husband and me all in his twin bed reading books, saying prayers and two minutes of back-scratching.

9:15PM Do a quick picking up around the house just in case we get a call for a “showing” tomorrow (our house is on the market).

9:30PM Open my school work and try to retain most of the reading and prepare for assignments for the week.

11:15PM Get ready for bed and chat with my husband about his day as I try to listen and not doze off!

All About

What she’s reading: Mercy by Jodi Picoult

Favorite indulgence: Expensive shoes or ice cream ... depends on how naughty I’m feeling!

Nicknames for kids: Coco, Colbie Cone is what we call Colbie, and Gooney Bear is what we call Maddon

Can’t miss TV show: Glee

Meal she’s known for: London broil and homemade sweet potato fries

Favorite family outing in Fort Worth: TCU Football games

What’s in her purse: Blackberry, lots of hand sanitizer and NARS lipgloss

Favorite spot for lunch with friends: Yucatan Taco Stand

Favorite shop to splurge in: Flirt

Fave spot for sweet treats in the city: Menchies Frozen Yogurt, J-Rae’s Cupcakes

Kids’ gear go-to: Zoe and Jack, or Gymboree

Color on her nails: OPI “After Dark in Lincoln Park”

Store for beauty products: Neiman Marcus’ cosmetics department or Ulta


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