Work Out With A Baby / Get fit while your little one naps

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Can’t seem to find any spare time to get to the gym or even go for a walk since baby arrived? Let these workout resources help you get back in shape by allowing you to slip on your yoga pants and sneakers and head to the family room, or take baby with you to sweat, tone or center yourself in an hour or less.

Home Work
You could visit the Barre 3 locations in Coppell, Frisco, Plano or Richardson if Grandma lives nearby (and is willing to babysit), or you can stream a new four-day step-by-step fitness plan—which includes cardio, stretching and toning—every week and exercise when it’s convenient for you. If you only have 10 minutes before you little one wakes to nurse, filter the online workouts by length and target areas such as lower body. Bonus: A monthly subscription includes nutritionist- approved recipes and meal ideas.
Cost: From $15 per month
Get moving: Subscribe online

Get customized 45-minute workouts from a personal trainer who comes to you (anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area) two, three or four times a week to guide you through aerobics, core work, yoga, kickboxing and more. As part of the program, a registered dietitian helps you make healthy habit changes (like eating hummus and veggies instead of ice cream during middle-of-the-night feedings) and advises you daily virtually and monthly with a face-to-face meeting.
Cost: One-week fitness jumpstart programs for $249; other packages from $299 per month.
Get moving: Call or sign up online; 214/736-9365

Local blogger Ginger Marie gets you moving with quick workouts. Start with 60 seconds
 of various crunches. Build to squats, lunges, jumping jacks and other cardio moves. Finish with 60 more seconds of crunches, a 30-second plank and downward dog—all in 10 minutes.

Cost: Free
Get moving: Find her energizing morning workout (or whenever you can squeeze it in) online
Mix and match over 20 moderate to high-intensity workouts and more than 40 recipes to create a customized fitness plan during Brittani Rettig’s virtual four-week challenge. Rettig, founder, owner and instructor at Grit Fitness in Dallas,  provides free at-home workout instructions (a new one every other week) that target abs, arms, back, cardio, legs or total body in 30 minutes or less. She also just launched GRIT by Brit, a $9.99 mobile app for iOS and Android that includes workouts, 21-day challenges and more.
Cost: $29.99 for the four-week challenge
Get moving: Register online
Sign up for Dallas personal trainer, Marzia Prince’s Shift Shop, a year of 25- to 45-minute, at-home workouts, which come with detailed workout instructions, videos, a nutrition plan (think recipes and portion control) and support (her online Facebook community exists to cheer you on). Prince also uploads free weekly workouts broken down by skill level (individual instruction for beginner, intermediate or advanced).
Cost: $99 for the Shift Shop yearlong program
Get moving: Visit the website and send her an email to sign up
Does baby have a sibling you need to occupy while you get fit? In 5–15 minutes, mother and child find inner calm and quiet through directed deep breathing, simple movements and meditation exercises from Alice Redding, who has a yoga and children’s learning therapy private practice in Richardson. You won’t gain killer abs, but you and your little gain calm and focus during this mommy-and-me activity.

Cost: Five videos, $25

Get moving: Attend a parent workshop to learn about calm and focus ($35) or download the videos; 972/437-3803
This Dallas-Fort Worth mobile yoga service brings instructors with years of experience to guide you through a personalized 60-minute practice, training you, you and your hubby or you and your girlfriends.
Cost: Introductory sessions from $35; single sessions from $99; discounts given for package purchases

Get moving: Buy online; 214/550-2881
Bring Baby Along
Baby Boot Camp makes working out simple with outdoor exercise that incorporates your new addition in the stroller. Each franchise owner structures schedules differently, making it easy to find nearby classes that work for you—and junior’s schedule. The Stroller Fitness class incorporates aerobics, strength training and core exercises. There are 10K and half-marathon programs too. Plus, the MomStrong Tribe serves as an informal playgroup for you and your kiddos.
Cost: $59 registration fee; package prices vary
Get moving: Multiple locations
Tone and sculpt your post-baby body at Stroller Strides, which incorporates—what else?—your baby in a stroller, or practice ballet, Pilates, barre, yoga and stroller-based exercises to help you build strength, tone and improve posture in Stoller Barre. Our Village, the FIT4MOM communities, include mom-centric social outings such as moms night out and book clubs too.
Cost: Registration fee from $25 plus membership fees from $65 per month depending on length of commitment
Get moving: Multiple locations


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