Before Baby To-Do List / Third trimester preparations for your new bundle

Julia Bunch
September 2017 in
October 11, 2017
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All the prep work involved in welcoming your new bundle is enough to make anyone’s head spin — with or without pregnancy brain. So after you’ve prepared the nursery and been showered with gifts from your registry, check these final basic to-dos off your list. 

Week 27−31
• Properly install car seat (You’ll typically learn this in a      baby basics class, but you can always stop by your local  fire department to make sure you’ve installed it  correctly.)
• Look into options for storing or donating cord blood (if  you choose)
• Buy diapers, wipes and any other baby items still needed
• Stock the freezer with made-ahead meals that can be  popped in the oven or reheated
• Tour the hospital or birth center
• Create a birth plan
• Alert your health insurance company that you will be  adding a baby
• Update life insurance and wills to include your new  addition, including guardianship.
• Take childbirth, baby basics and breast-feeding classes

Week 31−38
• Check with your insurance about getting a breast pump  (Most insurance companies cover at least part of the cost  of a pump; check with yours to weigh your options.) 
• Determine a visitation plan for grandparents, family and  friends
• Sort out your maternity leave, including whom you  should inform when you go into labor
• Find a pediatrician (Get recommendations through our  online directory of Mom-Approved Pediatricians.)
• Schedule a newborn photo shoot
• Determine who will take care of your pets, plants and  home while you’re in labor and/or staying in the hospital
• Wash all baby clothes and baby bedding
• Set up baby’s bed
• Purchase adult diapers (trust us, you’re going to want  these if you have a vaginal delivery) and nipple balm (if  you plan to breast-feed)
• Buy and wash comfortable and stretchy clothes to wear  in your fourth trimester

Week 38−birth
• Pack hospital bags for mom, dad and baby
• Pre-register at the hospital or birthing center
• Make a labor and delivery playlist
• Clean the house (If you’re doing the cleaning, make sure  to use a chemical-free cleansers such as vinegar and  water.)


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