14 Ways to Make Valentine's Day More Fun / A few ideas to put a little more love in your day

Carrie Steingruber
February 13, 2018
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We don’t expect you to check off everything on this list (can you say, overkill?), but pick one or two ideas to make this Valentine’s Day a hoot for everyone in your family, not just you and your sweetheart.
1. Make your own paper
Instead of hoarding red and pink construction paper, make your own paper to give all your Valentine’s Day projects a personal touch. Plus, homemade paper has an irresistible texture that will make your child’s school Valentines a one-of-a-kind success.
Use old newspapers, magazines and last year’s Valentines to make your paper while extolling to your kids the benefits of recycling. All you need is a blender, a bathtub and an old screen or paper-making kit; here’s a clear tutorial.
2. Eat candy for breakfast
Start the morning off with a special meal. Break out the red candles – they’re not just for Christmas anymore – and red cups and plates. Sprinkle Valentines confetti around the table for extra sparkle. And become the coolest mom ever by putting candy on your kids’ placemats. They’ll know this is not (and will not become) an everyday thing, and the little boost may just give them a spring in their step during first period.
3. Eat pancakes for breakfast, too.
But not just any pancakes: heart-shaped ones. Then cut a few strawberries in half to make a naturally heart-shaped topping, and use the rest of the strawberries for a delicious drizzle.
(If you're feeling especially ambitious, you can whip up red velvet pancakes – your taste buds will feel the love too.)
4. Overuse the heart-shaped cookie cutter
Cookie cutters are not just for cookies and pancakes. Add some TLC to your kids’ lunches by giving them a heart-shaped sandwich, heart-shaped cheese slices, heart-shaped tortilla – whatever you can find that’s malleable enough to craft into a masterpiece. Even if your edges aren’t perfect, the heart-shaped bologna will still make them smile at lunchtime.
5. Lace it up
Use all the doilies you like, but we’re talking about shoelaces. Kids who wear uniforms or follow dress codes may not be able to wear that new hot pink sweater to school on Valentine’s Day. But sweater or no sweater, your kids can always deck out their shoelaces. Buy a cheap pair of laces – you can find a variety of Valentine’s-appropriate styles – and add instant color to their outfit. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids how to lace up shoes, too. For bonus bling, hang heart charms or beads from the laces. Let your kids decide when (or if) to return to pre-Valentine’s laces.
6. Ditch the candy
No, we’re not having second thoughts (we want candy for breakfast as much as the kids) but we do think candy is overused on Valentine’s Day. So send your kids to school with candy in their tummies but something else stapled to their class Valentines.
One idea: Play-Doh (or an eco-friendly alternative like eco-dough). It’s fun, it smells weirdly cool and it lasts more than a few seconds – and you can revive it with water or olive oil if it ever goes stale. We don’t recommend trying that trick with leftover Valentine’s Day candy.
7. Make a Valentine’s playlist
Choose some of your favorite love tunes – the cheesier, the better – and make a playlist for any Valentine’s Day driving. We’re thinking Air Supply, Journey and even some ’60s crooners like The Turtles. Whether you enliven Mom’s Taxi Service on the way to soccer practice or blast “My Heart Will Go On” during the morning commute, a little minivan karaoke will make everyone’s day better.
8. Put a little love in your art
Make some Valentine’s-themed art with your kiddos to decorate the house (and start with your own paper, remember?). You can use a heart stamp set or make your own heart stamps from a toilet paper roll or a potato. Even your youngest can handle a potato stamp or push red and pink paint around with his fingers. Encourage your kids to draw what family love looks like to them and hang their masterpieces as a reminder to be loving all the year ‘round.
9. Invest in red food coloring
A dash of food coloring and inexpensive heart-shaped ice cube trays will give all your Valentine’s Day refreshments more pizzazz. You can also add food coloring to milk and cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter … well, just about anything, for a festive pop of red or pink.
If you’re concerned about the consequences of cochineal or Red #40, shell out a little extra cash for a natural food dye that’s safe for your family, or make your own from beets.
10. Give coupons, not Valentines
Valentine’s Day cards are nice, but generic. And chances are, your kids (and maybe your spouse) aren’t all that interested in overwrought love poetry. So give them something less melodramatic and more meaningful, like personalized coupons. One coupon could be good for a large frozen yogurt, an afternoon of playing a favorite board game or a round of mini-golf on you – whatever will warm your kids’ hearts. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a not-so-reluctant hug in return.
11. Make a puzzle
Visit one of the many custom puzzle sites to create a Valentine’s-themed word search or crossword puzzle for the kiddos to keep them occupied while Mommy and Daddy go out for their romantic evening. Or make a game of it and have a contest to see who can find all the words first. Provide pink highlighters if you haven’t had enough pink yet.
Your kids may also want a turn at puzzle making. Help them brainstorm a list of Valentine’s-themed words and use the puzzle generator to put it all together. But once they make one cool puzzle, watch out – you may have created a monster.
12. Roll the dice
If you can’t find a babysitter on the 14th, plan a fun evening with the kids instead. Raid the game closet and find a few favorites that have a Valentine’s air, like the sugar-filled Candyland, or modify a classic with a Valentine’s twist. For example, play Pictionary using answers that fit the theme of “Valentine’s Day” or “Things I Love.” You can even print out your own bingo cards and use candy hearts to mark your spaces.
13. Read from your heart
If your kids are into reading (or if you want them to get into reading), pick out a few Valentine’s-inspired books for bedtime.
Love, Splat, of the popular Splat the Cat series, follows Splat as he tries to woo Kitten on Valentine’s Day.
Your children will learn the importance of being kind and loving to everyone in the heart-warming Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch.
I Love You, Stinky Face reassures your kiddos that no matter what they do (or how stinky they are), you will always love them.
Everything goes wrong for Geronimo Stilton in his 23rd adventure, Valentine’s Day Disaster, a tale for older elementary children.
Your tweens will appreciate a beloved Diary of a Wimpy Kid series called The Third Wheel.
14. Take a bath
Draw a special bath for the kiddos, complete with pink bubbles and soap (but make sure they know it’s not cotton candy). Anybody can appreciate a good soak. That goes for you, too, Mom – after working so hard to make Valentine’s fun for your family, you deserve a pink bubble bath more than anyone. Visit your nearest Lush location for Valentine's day inspired bath bombs, soaps, scrubs and more. 


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