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Lauren Barger
Courtesy of Lauren Barger
July 30, 2013
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Perfect for bringing out your child’s inner artist, this month’s crafts are all inspired by famous artists and works of art. Try to make these mini-masterpieces with your child; maybe even start your child’s own gallery at home. You never know – you may be raising the next great artist!
Kandinsky Watercolor Circles
Art paper (thicker than traditional copy paper) or watercolor paper, ruler, pencil, watercolor paints*, paintbrush, water cup
*Liquid watercolors work best, but traditional watercolors are fine as well. Just be sure to add a lot of water and mix up the colors to ensure that they are vibrant and wet enough to blend. In this example, we used traditional watercolor kits.
1. Lightly divide your paper into even squares using a pencil. In the example I used a 12x16" sheet of art paper divided into 12-4" squares. Trace lightly. You will want to erase the pencil marks at the end and if they’re too dark they won’t erase well (I made this mistake in my example!).

2. Instruct your child to paint a circle in each square. Make sure that the edges of the circle touch all four sides of the square. Also encourage them to go heavy on the paint, which will allow the colors to blend together along the edges.

3. Kandinsky is well known for his concentric circles. Have your child paint another circle within each circle in another color. Create as many concentric circles as you would like. You can encourage monochromatic color schemes or a rainbow effect – that is up to you and your child. A lot of watercolors come in neons and other vibrant shades.

4. Allow the piece to dry completely before picking or hanging it up.


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