• How Healthy Is Your Child?
    Complete this quiz to get a feel for where your kid falls on the health and wellness spectrum in the areas of sleep, mental health and nutrition.
  • Quick & Healthy Meal Ideas
    Make healthy meals for your family in 30 minutes with these tips and recipes from health and wellness coach Dana Shafir.
  • Kids' Menu Dos and Don'ts
    6 ways to make sure your child eats healthy at your favorite restuarant.
  • 9 Healthy Snacks for School
    Get creative with school-day snacking by trying one of dietitian Robin Plotkin’s suggestions for tasty (and healthy) treats.
  • Off Color
    Now, not only does food have to taste good, but it has to be as colorful as the mobile over your child’s crib.
  • Food for Thought
    Identifying and treating feeding issues can be a piece of cake … once you’ve found the right therapies.
  • Volleyball for Kids
    Where to play indoor and outdoor volleyball in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • What To Do With a Picky Eater
    Tips from two nutritionists to help your reluctant child try (and like!) new foods and keep a healthy diet in the process.
  • Fencing for Kids
    Where to join fencing classes for kids in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Sailing Lessons for Kids
  • Ballet Folklórico for Kids
    The footwork and timing of ballet folklórico are akin to tap dancing, and the movements focus on quick stepping, heel stomping and twirling skirts. Find out more about ballet folklórico classes open to boys and girls.
  • Healthy School Lunches
  • Family Fitness
  • When Your Child Wants to Be a Vegetarian
  • How Water Can Help Your Family Avoid Meltdowns
    Dehydration is a common problem that is most often overlooked by busy, on the go families. Drink lots of water year round, but particularly in the summer.
  • Irish Stepdancing
    Find Irish stepdancing classes for kids in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  • Zumba for Kids
    In the last few years, Zumba – the dance-fitness program that blends cardio with the music of hip-hop, reggaeton and cumbia – has taken living rooms and workout centers by storm. Let the kids get in on the fun with classes tailored just for them.
  • Jiu-jitsu for Kids
    If your kids are begging to join a martial arts class, consider Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a style that focuses on grappling techniques to defend against an opponent without punching or kicking.

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