• Lisa Henry
    The Denton mom of two — Riley, 11, and Will, 8 — never dreamed she’d end up in academia, but says she simply “couldn’t stop learning.”
  • Susannah Moreland
    Between long days with the littles — 3-year-old Crue and 17-month-old Swayze — and extended nights at the stadium, Moreland, 28, says sleep is sometimes scarce, personal time a luxury.
  • Tricia Nelson
    Tricia Nelson’s favorite therapists for her 11-year-old daughter Brianna sports a saddle in lieu of a white coat and practices on 14 sprawling acres of lush fields in McKinney.
  • Lisa Moore
    As business booms slowly but surely, the mom of three is one of the lucky few whose work life doesn’t encroach on her family time.
  • Jenny Esping Kirtland
    The term “well-rounded” is certainly one that applies to the multitasking mom of two. She resides in Dallas with hubby John and their two children: Juliet, 13, and Wesley, 11.
  • Tricia Nelson
    Tricia Nelson’s favorite therapists for her 11-year-old daughter Brianna sports a saddle in lieu of a white coat and practices on 14 sprawling acres of lush fields in McKinney.
  • 30 Minutes with Anna Clark
    Author of Green, American Style and sustainability expert Anna Clark dishes on motherhood, career and going green.
  • 10 Minutes with Cheryl Collett
    Q&A with local food blogger and mom Cheryl Collett about making time for family meals despite a busy schedule, plus a favorite fall recipe.
  • Sasha Agent-Marrier
    Meet Sasha Agent-Marrier, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, special education teacher and mom of Sienna (with another on the way).
  • Sharon Blumberg
    Meet Sharon Blumberg, mom of three and founder of CHOOZE, a clothing and lifestyle brand that celebrates creativity.
  • Courtney Sinelli
    In 2003, the former journalist and lawyer founded the brand with her restaurateur husband of nearly 10 years, Jeff, and she’s lived and breathed all things Which Wich in every moment since.
  • Joanne Dalheim
    And while Joanne has her hands full with Harper, Walky Talky and her day job, she’s also gearing up for another big life change: the birth of her son, Jack Edward (due January 31).
  • Kimberly Chandler
    She may be married to former Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler, but Kimberly Chandler, 33, is much more than a mere NBA wife.
  • Sabra Girard
    The Dallas mom of two — Alexis, 7, and Morgan, 4 — launched Sabra Girard Public Relations (SGPR) when her oldest was just 6 months old. The boutique firm specializes in media relations, event management and marketing.
  • Melody Pierce
    Pierce left a counseling position to be a stay-at-home mom to Jude, 9, and Helena, 7. Around June's second birthday, the seed for a career she never predicted was planted: professional cake decorating.
  • Sarah Penrod
    Dallas-Fort Worth native Sarah Penrod's cooking prowess has landed her in the kitchens of politicians and professional athletes, and on the television screens of millions of Americans.
  • Chad Kleis
    Chad Kleis works from home so he can spend more time with his boys — Hudson, 8, and Hunter, 10 —
and so that he has more time to broaden the reach of Hunter’s Autism Specials, a nonprofit resource the dad founded in 2013.
  • Jordan Morrow & Worth Anne Herrell
    Morrow and Herrell are co-workers turned best friends and also the founders of Oilogic Essential Oil Care, a line of concentrated, 100 percent pure essential oil blends diluted and formulated specifically for kids.
  • Victoria Wise
    Wise has always been eager to put her ideas out there, whether it’s auctioning jewelry online, creating a line of children’s apparel or running her own social media marketing business (Hark Social) — all companies she’s started.
  • Gisa Heinz
    In the seven years since Heinz has moved to Dallas, she's worked her way up to a marketing job at 7-Eleven, married her grad school sweetheart, Peter, a financial restructuring consultant, and welcomed two girls.
  • Christy Wilson Beam
    Author of Miracles from Heaven and Burleson mom of three.
  • Karen Borta
    Karen Borta, anchor on CBS 11 News This Morning, and her husband of 21 years, Jim, live in Arlington with their son, Jake (who turns 18 at the end of October), and two daughters, Katie (15) and Kylie (13).
  • Molly Higley
    Meet Molly Higley, mom of two and survivor of a plane crash that bound her to a wheelchair.
  • Alison Chapman
    As founder of Facebook support group The Baby Ladies, Alison Chapman and son Henry are changing the parenting conversation in Denton.
  • Phyllis Cole
    Meet Phyllis Cole, mom of three and senior vice president at CultureMap Dallas.
  • Joanne Eaton
    Meet Joanne Eaton, crossing guard, mom of three boys and testimony to the transforming power of weight loss.
  • Noelle LeVeaux
    Chief Marketing Officer at the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Katey Stimek
    Meet Katey Stimek, career services coordinator for Texas Wesleyan School of Law and mom of William, 2.
  • Ellen Porter
    Meet Ellen Porter, founder of BraveLove and mom of four kids under 5 – two biological and two adopted.
  • Jennifer Hart
    Graphic designer & illustrator
  • Miranda Davis
    Yoga Instructor
  • Suzanne Feiler
    Psychotherapist, gardener and mom of two
  • Lori Cook, Ph.D.
    Head of pediatric brain injury
  • Cynthia Izaguirre
    Meet Cynthia Izaguirre, WFAA morning anchor and new mom to twins.
  • Bonnie Basham Lance
    Jewelry designer and mom of Hewes, Willa and Shepard.
  • Jennifer Smith
    Meet Jennifer Smith, biker mom and co-founder of If You Knew charity
  • Amy Kate Chinn
    Mom-of-five Amy Kate cultivates her entrepreneurial dreams with start-up company Amy Kate Gardens.
  • Rebecca Wooters
    After an asthma scare with her oldest child, mom-of-three Rebecca Wooters is now a spokesperson for the American Lung Association, as well as the head of Customer Communications for Citi Cards.
  • Jeff Sinelli
    Meet Jeff Sinelli, founder and CEO of Which Wich, and find out how he balances life as an entrepreneur and dad of two girls.
  • Lizza Connor
    Meet Lizza Connor, singer-songwriter and mom of two, and learn about her music for kids.
  • Jennifer Brown-Thomas
    Meet Jennifer Brown-Thomas, author, screenwriter, entrepreneur and mom of Kinsley, 2.
  • Jenna Colston
    Meet Jenna Colston, mom of three and recent college graduate with a certification in Special Education.
  • Mara Culley
    Meet Mara Culley, mom of three, manager for her child stars, and multi-tasker extraordinaire.
  • Adrienne Freas
    Meet the creator of the Ready, Set, Clean DVD Series and mom of four.
  • Victorya Rogers
    Meet Victorya Rogers, mom of two, life coach and former Hollywood agent.
  • Michele McFarland
    Roller-derby Real Estate Agent

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