Back-to-School Crafts

By Lauren Barger

Back to school isn’t all about pencils, backpacks and binders. These back-to-school crafts are geared specifically for your home. Make them together to get the whole family excited about the upcoming school year.
School Day Communication Door Sign | Summer Memories Bookmark

Playtime Door Sign


2 wooden door hangers from a local craft store, craft paint, paintbrushes, ribbon (½ yard per sign), scissors, glue gun, Sharpie or paint pen, removable hook (optional)
1. Use a pencil to sketch out a design space in the middle of your door hangers. Make the space large enough to write “We can play” down the center.
2. Paint your signs. I chose playful paint colors: red, turquoise and lime green. Allow your paint to completely dry.
3. While your paint is drying, create a large bow for each door sign using ½ yard of ribbon per bow. Secure to the top of each sign with your glue gun. Be sure to not cover up the doorknob hole.
4. After the signs are dry, use paint, Sharpie or paint pen to write “We can play” and “We can’t play” in the central sections of your signs. You may also choose to outline your center spaces for a more clean-cut look.
Optional: Place a hook right inside your front door and hang your signs for easy access.

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Published August 2013

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