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Employee Craftsmanship Demonstrations

Where:  Bureau of Engraving and Printing – Western Currency Facility
Where:  9000 Blue Mound Rd., Fort Worth, 76131
When:  3/13/2018 through 3/16/20188:30am–5:30pm Mar 13–16. Last tour at 4:30pm.
Cost:  Free.
Phone:  817/231-4000

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Western Currency Facility produces over half of the nation’s paper currency. Come see billions of dollars as you take the free self-guided tour on the elevated walkway above the production floor and learn about the history of United States paper currency.
Watch a short film in the theater about currency production, and visit the the gift shop for souvenirs.
BEP hosts its employee craftsmanship demonstrations three times each year.
First floor activities:
-Witness Intaglio engraving artisanship at the engraver’s workbench.
-Create your own currency activity from 9–11am and 1–4pm; open to ages 8–18.
-See how currency was printed circa 1900 at the refurbished spider press.
Second floor activities:
-Learn about plate making for offset printing presses.
-(March only) See damaged notes reconstructed piece-by-piece.
-Learn how Intaglio printing plates are “grown” in a nickel solution.

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