• Autism and Mommy's Playdate Frustration
    Play dates provide essential interaction for children and much needed social support for moms.
  • Slamming Doors
    Nick turns 21 in October, and the state believes that his overnight services no longer need to be funded. The state agencies currently support Nick and his needs as a minor. In a few months, Nick runs the risk of having all of this stripped away.
  • How to Help Your Child with Special Needs Find a Job
    Finding employment can be challenging in the best of circumstances but itís especially daunting for young adults with special needs. Sometimes, thereís help.
  • Multigenerational Living may Benefit Everyone
    The number of multigenerational households has doubled since 1980. Financial benefits and child-care help make multigenerational living an increasingly common option for families with special needs.
  • The Sibling Superhero
    Our daughter Kiersten is 9, and along with the standard drama, trials and tribulations that accompany a pre-tween, our little lady faces the added daily stress of living with and worrying about siblings with serious issues.
  • Confessions on Fatherhood
    I have a wonderful family, including a dedicated, passionate wife and three beautiful children ó two of them with special needs.
  • Airport Readiness Program
    Learn about a special program that prepares children with developmental delays to take flight
  • Tweens with Special Needs
    Staying sane when your child with special needs reaches the tween years.
  • Child Care for Special Needs
    Solving the child-care dilemma for children with special needs
  • Flying with a Child with Autism
    Tips for making travel by plane easier for a child on the Autism spectrum Ė and the rest of your family.
  • Summer Camp for Special Needs
    Finding the right summer camp for your child with special needs
  • Sibling Rivalry
    What to do when the needs of typical children and their siblings with special needs collide
  • Dating as a Single Parent of a Child with Special Needs
    How to navigate the challenges of finding love while parenting children with special needs
  • Moving With Your Special Needs Child
    Moving with your special needs child can be very challenging. However, several things can be done to make it go more smoothly.
  • Avoid Birthday Party Trauma
    An impending birthday party, either for your child or a peer, can be a roller coaster ride of emotions for both you and your child.
  • The Grass Isnít Always Greener
    Do I miss the trouble Nicholas would get into or the electronics he would break? Absolutely. However, this is Nick now. He looks different, requires more help, support and equipment, but he has his same sense of humor and is still wickedly funny.

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