• Historic Downtown McKinney
    Discover the small-town charm of Historic Downtown McKinney during a family outing to a magic shop, candy shop and restored county courthouse.
  • White Rock Lake
    Run, kayak, sail or watch birds on the water or at the parks around Dallas' favorite lake.
  • Galaxy Drive-In
    For a family night out thatís cheaper than the 15-screen Cineplex next door, head to one of these three drive-in movie theaters, where vintage is all the rage (and the kids will have a blast).
  • The Brazos Drive-In Theatre
    For a family night out thatís cheaper than the 15-screen Cineplex next door, head to one of these three drive-in movie theaters, where vintage is all the rage (and the kids will have a blast).
  • Coyote Drive-In
    For a family night out thatís cheaper than the 15-screen Cineplex next door, head to one of these three drive-in movie theaters, where vintage is all the rage (and the kids will have a blast).
  • Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden
    Unearth the natural sciences at the Dallas Arboretum's new Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden
  • Free Splash Pads & Play Fountains in Dallas-Fort Worth
    As the summer heats up, it gets harder to entertain the kids. So head to a splash park near you. We gathered a few of our favorites in the DFW area with generous hours and free entry.
  • Water Parks in Dallas-Fort Worth
    13 water parks and destinations for families around DFW
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Destinations for a Mommy and Baby's Day Out
    Visit these DFW-area destinations for stimulating activities that are both adventurous and comfortable, including smelling fragrant flowers and petting animals on dry land and in the water.
  • Skating Rinks
    If you canít get enough of the cold, you and your family can find some chilly thrills at local ice skating rinks. For those of you who donít want wintry conditions indoors, heat things up at a local roller rink instead.
  • National Cowgirl Museum
    Famed cowgirls like Hafley as well as Annie Oakley, Sandra Day OíConnor and more than 200 other cowgirls who shaped the West are memorialized inside the National Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth.
  • Dallas Museum of Art
    The DMA, founded in 1903 and a pillar in the Dallas Arts District since 1984 is now offering free general admission and free entry-level memberships called DMA Friends.
  • Aqua-Cycle water trikes in Irving
    If youíre in the mood for a low-key outing after a wild and crazy summer, take the kids for a spin on Lake Carolyn.
  • Fossils, tracks and gotta-see-it-to-believe-it dinosaur sites in Texas
    If your pint-sized paleontologist loved Jurassic World when it roared into theaters last summer, itís time to take those fossil fanatics to seek out up-close and personal encounters.
  • Fort Worth Zoo
    The Fort Worth Zoo is far and away one of the best zoos in the country, so take advantage of the wide, paved sidewalks and misting fans this summer and explore the myriad of animals that call the zoo home.
  • Botanical Research Institute of Texas
    5 sunny reasons to take your family to the Botanical Research Institute of Texas for a morning or afternoon of educational fun.
  • The best farmers markets for littles in Dallas-Fort Worth
    Make healthy eating exciting for your kids by encouraging them to talk to growers and letting them pick vegetables and fruits while getting up close and personal with their dinner at local farmers markets.
  • Back to the Root
    We did the tasting for you and put together a list of places around town where you can find handmade, homemade and craft root beer worth splurging on.
  • Texas Civil War Museum
    Celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with a trip to the largest Civil War museum west of the Mississippi
  • Hydrous Wake Park
    For a fun, new summer activity, skip the typical super-slides and try out Hydrous, the Dallas area's only cable park.
  • Ray Roberts Lake State Park
    For an affordable family staycation this summer, take a break from your neighborhood park or fishing hole and venture farther out to Ray Roberts Lake State Park, just north of DFW, for a boatload of recreational potential.
  • In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center
    Take the kids to In-Sync to visit the exotic and native cats, including leopards, lynxes, bobcats, servals and a Brazilian ocelot, for a decidedly unzoo-like experience.
  • Latino Cultural Center
    Discover Latino culture through children's programming, exhibits, performances and films in this part-art, part-theater space.
  • 7 Coolest Finds at the Denton Firefighters' Museum
    Give the kids a taste of what life was like in the dangerous and honorable firefighting profession from the late 1800s to early 1900s with a visit to the Denton Firefightersí Museum.
  • Stockyards Station
    Discover why 2.5 million visitors annually flock to Stockyards Station, the historic district that once saw more than 160 million head of livestock and is now home to museums, rodeos and restaurants, all within walking distance.
  • Environmental Education Center
    Go green and learn about the natural world at the Environmental Education Center in Plano, home of the kid-friendly Nature Explore Garden.
  • Nasher Sculpture Center
    Visit the Nasher Sculpture Center in the Dallas Arts District for a dose of modern sculpture plus hands-on demonstrations for the kids.
  • Fort Worth Herd
    On a sunny weekend, thousands of onlookers of all ages will line the streets of Cowtown to watch the longhorns make their round through the stockyards in the worldís only twice-daily cattle drive.
  • Family-Friendly Food Trucks
    From sloppy and scrumptious barbecue to gratifying grass-fed burgers, we found the most kid-friendly food trucks in and around North Texas.
  • Explore the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas
    The Crow Collection offers opportunities for local families to sample other cultures.
  • Animal Adventures around Texas
    From working farms to exotic cat rescues, we found the best animal encounters within a short(ish) drive of home.
  • North Texas' Best Fishing Holes for Kids
    Good things may come to those who bait ó er, wait ó but kidsí attention spans and interests wonít typically last for a full-day fishing excursion. Instead, let them cast in stocked ponds, beginner workshops and neighborhood fishing holes.
  • Interurban Railway Museum
    Take a ride into the past at Plano's admission-free Interurban Railway Museum
  • The Best Piano Lessons in Dallas and Collin Counties
    From scales to symphonies, we found the best places in Dallas County for littles to learn piano.
  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science
  • Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch
    Get up close and personal with the rare and exotic animals of Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch
  • Reunion Tower Observation Deck
    Take in a view of the city from Reunion Tower's renovated observation deck.

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