• 7 tips for managing your teen's cellphone use
    There is a new attachment object for kids and teens (and moms) everywhere – the cellphone. Our teens and tweens are overly attached to their phones, which represent freedom and unlimited connection to peers.
  • 5 steps to getting more than one-word answers
    Talking to your kids about school, healthy habits, peer pressure, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll is a lot to tackle during the tween years.
  • 3 practical ways to show your teen you care
    From AT&T Stadium to little league ball fields, we have no problem yelling encouragement for our teams. Though our teenagers may not ask for encouragement or even acknowledge that they need it.
  • 4 tips for teaching your teen to make decisions
    The ability to make sound decisions is a skill that your teen will need to hone since the choices he makes today affect his future. Some choices are obviously life-changing, while others are small choices that can have a big impact down the road. 
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